List order is from the newest Bible Study amazing findings to previously listed. Watch and be enlightened, healed and empowered!

Aug 2014 – The KCM Canada Partner-Letter-08_14 from Ken and Gloria

July 2014 – The meaning of 7 represents God’s 7 Powersclick on video of July 25th

June 2014 – Understanding the word of God – click on week@Once in July session

May 2014 – Choose your free downloads to enjoy!
Such as: Weight Loss Petition / Having Ears to Hear / Agreement For Debt Freedom

April 2014 – The Yoke Destroyer – Joel Osteen – Spiritual Warfare

Mar 2014 – Knowing What To Ignore by Joel Osteen

Feb 2014 –  Yes is in your future! – Joel Osteen 

Jan 12, 2014 – New year in gear and expect a great year filled with great health, Joy and abundance:  – Recognizing What You Have  by Joel Osteen

Jan 1, 2014 Joel Osteen – It’s Your Year of Jubilee FULL SERMON 2014


Dec 31, 2013 – Last day of 2013. Thank you God for each blessings you brought to us!

Joel Osteen – Follow your Wisdom, not your Feelings

Oct  2013
Joel Osteen – Explosive Blessings are Coming Your Way through your words

Joel Osteen – Explosive Blessings are Coming Your Way

 Sept. 2013

 Joel Osteen – Activate Faith, Not Fear

Joel Osteen – Having Mountain Moving Faith

Joel Osteen – Power of Your Visions

Aug 10, 2013

Moving Beyond Worry and Anxiety – Joyce Meyer

July 2013
Enjoying Everyday Life – “Power Thoughts – Part 1” -Joyce Meyer

June 9, 2013
Too busy for no purpose, or do nothing for no purpose? What is really important in life?

June 2, 2013

Doing Spiritual Warfare God’s Way (1) – by Joyce Meyer
Doing Spiritual Warfare God’s Way (2) – by Joce Meyer

May 26, 2013
Joyce Meyer ~ Getting Your Day Started Right – part 1
Joyce Meyer ~ Getting Your Day Started Right – part 2

Joyce Meyer – What Does Love Look Like

Apr 15, 2013
Joyce Meyer – The Mouth

Joyce Meyer – The Power Of Words Pt1

Joyce Meyer – The Power Of Words Pt2

Joyce Meyer – Spending Time With God

Joyce Meyer, An Attitude Of Trust And Patience

Apr14, 2013

Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer

7 Hindrances To Prayer (Talked about the most important 2)

Joyce Meyer – Trusting God When You Don’t Understand (1/2)

Joyce Meyer – Trusting God When You Don’t Understand (2/2)

Apr 6, 2013

The Root Cause Of Your Problem Is Condemnation – by Joseph Prince

Mar 17, 2013
The Key Of David—God Opens Doors That No One Can Shut – by Joseph Prince

Mar 10, 2013
Your Words will bring Your Victory, or Defeat – by Joel Osteen

PSGW Power of Believing – Joel Osteen

Mar 02, 2013

Say ‘NO’ To Your Feelings – by Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen – God does every thing only for your Good

Dance Before God in Praise – Victoria Osteen

Programming Your Mind for Victory  – to become what you believe

Feb 12, 2013

Joel Osteen – God Smiles at You By Seeing Your Faith but Devil Smiles at You by Seeing Your Fear

Joel Osteen – Dont Feed Thrash To Your Heart

Joel Osteeen – God make miracles out of our mistakes

Joseph Prince – Speak Out What You Believe In Christ!

Joseph Prince – Step Into Jesus’ Supply Daily

Joseph Prince – Why God Blesses And Then Blesses Again!

Jan 25, 2013

Joseph Prince – Abundance And Strength In The Presence Of Jesus
-plus meanings of Numbers in the bible, wow!

Joseph Prince – Speak Out What You Believe In Christ!
– Believe once and say 3 times…amazing…things will happen!

Joseph Prince – Speak God’s Language of Faith – Right way of pray to receive

Joseph Prince – Step Into Jesus’ Supply Daily – why Jesus saying “do not worry tomorrow…” 

What is Grace? Grace is gospel…wow, clarification made so clear

Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request – wisdom is more precious than diamonds…

Joseph Prince – God’s Glory Unveiled In The Last Days…when you see it, look up!!

Joseph Prince – How Believers Fall From Grace – uncover the secret of why some people tried best yet still struggle – find your solution that will work this time

Words of encouragement from Joseph Prince for 2013

Joseph Prince In New York—Exclusive Interview By Trinity Broadcasting 

Amazing Motivational Speech by Joel Osteen Live With Confidence

The Law of healing through pray

Joseph Prince – The Holy Spirit Convicts Us Of Righteousness – who is the Holly Spirit

To make every day of our life count! Must see!  – coming soon – here now:)

Nov. 25, 2012 – Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ 24 Hour-a-day Internet TV Station
For the latest updates, follow BVOV.TV on Twitter.

Oct 20, 2012
Amazing enlightenment from the Bible Reading, check on these chapters on your bible to see if you see the same message: Click on the images of the flash cards (right image is hand notated the contents of the flash card title on the left image).
Contributor: dove

July 29, 2012
Our Position of Authority as believers
– more topics visit Kenneth Copeland Ministries Media downloads page

Dec 15, 2011
Watch this video clip! Understand the heritance that God has us in HIS WILL!

Dec 6, 2011
Sabbath Bible Study: Laborers Of Love Ministries
Sabbath Day Truth – excellent readings!

Dec4, 2011
From Bible reading to dictionary search, unexpected found following video clips: wow! Whether it is all true, viewers’ own desecration:
1. USA in Bible prophecy | Second Beast of Revelation 13!
2. The Mark of the Beast | Exposed
3. Healed by the Spirit – or from demon?
4. Is magic good or bad or say from God or from the Darkness? may lead some clue.

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