Friendship with God_sign of God within

Excellent book was written by Neal Donald Walsh over 10 years ago.
I read it then, but did not see what I see now. Here share some new captured… By Dove

Capture of what God’messages in this book:

* Almost automatic,…
Whenever you write lyrically, speak poetically, smile lovingly, sing a song or dance a dance, I have to show up.

-Let me put this way. I’m always there, in your life. ALL WAYS. But ….when you do these things:
when you smile or loving or dance or written from your heart,
– This is the highest vision who I Am… you are expressing these qualities, you are expressing Me.
That is pushing me out.
– The truth is, I am always there, and you are only in these moments aware of Me.

* I have not come humble you, but to exalt you.
When you are exalted, so, too, am I. And when you are humbled, so, too, am I

* You can be sure that is, your life, reality around money – and all good things – changed when you changed.
They change for you when you changed mind about them.

* Five Attitudes of God:

  1. Joyful
  2. Loving
  3. Accepting
  4. Blessing
  5. Grateful


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